Thursday, February 7, 2013

Radiant FUN FACT #10: Mary vs. Me

My latest YA novel, Radiant, releases on February 12! Until then, I'm posting one fun fact a day about the book.

Drawing Hands by M.C. Escher.
Today's fun fact was inspired by a question that comes a lot in interviews I've done for book blogs, and that is what are some of the characteristics I share with the characters I create. It's a fun question to answer (all of the questions that have ever been sent my way have been fun, actually), so I thought I'd list a few things here that the MC of Radiant, Mary, and I share or differ upon.

1. Art - Mary's been painting since she was very young. I didn't start painting until a couple years ago, but I've been drawing for years. I don't have formal training, though. Suffice it to say, Mary is WAY better at making art than I am.

2. Video Games - Mary doesn't like them, but I do, particularly if there is any racing or fantastic battles involved. My freshman year in college was the last time I was able to really play video games (not counting social times, like Wii bowling with friends, etc.), because shortly after that was when I started writing my first full manuscript, and that pretty much ate up whatever time I had left after studies and hanging with friends.

3. Noisy Neighbors Upstairs - Mary has neighbors with noisy kids upstairs. My current apartment is on the ground floor, and there's a couple living above me. The dude is kinda overweight and the girl is toothpick thin, but they both sound like elephants when they walk around. They don't bother me though, since their walking is the only thing I hear from them, and that helps me know that they're still alive and I don't have to call management or paramedics or anything.

4. Spicy Food - Mary likes her food hot, but I tend to like mine on the mild to medium side. I enjoy my food when it's not causing me pain.

5. School - Mary goes to a private prep school, but I went to public school. I almost went to a private all-girls school when my mom and stepdad married, but some unexpected things happened shortly after that, and I stayed in public school until graduation. The descriptions of Sci-Tech ("...pimple of a concrete structure that was all age and no charm..."), however, describe several of the buildings I had classes in when I was at university.

6. Reading - Mary doesn't like reading, but I do (obviously). And while English is hell for Mary, that was my strongest class in school.

7. Ethnicity - Mary's mixed, but I'm not. Both of my parents and both sets of my grandparents are Vietnamese.

8. Driving - Mary is 17 and doesn't have her license, but I had my permit at 15 and my license by 16. Not having a car is not really an option where I live, because everything you need to get to is kinda far away.

9. Sayings - If you ever talk to any of my friends or certain family members, they can tell you that things like "Captain obvious," "jack ugly," "pimple of a [car, house, building, etc.]" are things that I really do say. I'm not very original, so I'm sure I heard most of those things from someone else before. But once in a while, when circumstances demand, I'll just say something like what I mentioned.

10. Traveling - Due to certain revelations in Radiant, Mary gets to travel all over the globe. My father used to work as a software engineer for American Airlines, so my brother and I used to fly standby with him for free whenever we saw him on the weekends. We flew all over the U.S. and had a lot of fun until AA laid off him and a bunch of other people (jerks). That was also before the stupid TSA crap that we deal with today. Anyway, despite having to have nudy x-rays taken of me or scary women grope about my lady parts for explosives, I still enjoy traveling once in a while, though I've only been overseas once to London. I'm hoping that I'll be able to travel to more countries soon.

And that's it for now! Launch is in a few days!

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