Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Kickin'

It's been a while since my last blog post. I suppose another is in order.

The past couple months have been rather interesting. I finished overhauling the YA paranormal I had resurrected from the past and was almost ready to release it as an ebook when I decided to send a couple query letters about it. Just for the heck of it. Interestingly enough, two editors (one Big 6 and one small press) kindly offered to read it, so I sent the MS to them and will hopefully hear from them "soon." I had already considered self publishing it, so if they decide to turn it down, that won't change my plans of releasing the ebook on my own.

While I'm waiting, I've been trying to take it easy. Note the operative word "trying."It really is amazing how one can fill one's time with various non-writing projects when one is not writing. I'm quite impulsive when it comes to certain things. I often find myself saying, "I want to do this! And this! And THIS!" until the next thing I know, I've done nothing. Well, maybe not absolutely nothing, but certainly nothing I had planned. That's a recurring theme in my life, I realize.

Anyway, some of those "and this!" projects are now stabilizing, and hopefully that means that I can return to my first love. I'd originally considered not doing any new writing until the dawn of 2013. But if the world decides to end in December, I suppose I would've just wasted time. But then again, the world might end sooner, depending on how this presidential election goes in November.

All that to say is as of October 16, 2012, 11:25 p.m. central time, Christina Daley lives to write another word. And that word (for all The Big Bang Theory fans) is...

B A Z I N G A !

Image courtesy of Warner Bros.